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Colour Shield Glow 100 ML

Colour Shield Glow 100 ML

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Colour Shield – Glow

Luminizing Body Enhancer

ALLEVEN COLOUR SHIELD is a quick dry, water and maximum-transfer resistant formula with innovative skin tone adapting pigments, that provides the skin with an even and natural appearance, allowing you to use it anywhere at anytime.

GLOW, the latest addition to the ALLEVEN family, offers a luminous finish for a glamorous, velvet-looking skin.

The airbrush-like application is accurate and easy to use, leaving the skin like velvet to the touch and revealing a picture-perfect appearance of subtle, natural looking colour.The flawless result offers an instant healthy glow.

ALLEVEN COLOUR SHIELD promotes the look of younger more even skin, while visibly diminishing imperfections.



Norway: 2-3 days delivery with BRING
EU: estimation 1 day delivery With DHL
International: 2-3 days delivery with DHL


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