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Normaalihinta 2.999,00 NOK
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta 2.999,00 NOK
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Inspired by the feeling of being underwater, these water drop shaped sunglasses are crafted from ultra-lightweight 18 karat gold plated metal half-rim, double nylon lenses from Essilor and Italian acetate temples.

The lenses are equipped with the latest anti-scratch and anti-reflective technology from Essilor which provides added durability and scratch resistiveness with minimal internal reflection.

Embellished with 18 karat gold plated signature studs and fitted with 18 karat gold plated adjustable metal nose pads for a comfortable fit for all face structures.

Handcrafted in Japan.



Norway: 2-3 days delivery with BRING
EU: estimation 1 day delivery With DHL
International: 2-3 days delivery with DHL


We offer concierge services to your hotel room at Sommerro or to your private/business address within Oslo. Please call 98 49 16 44 to book.

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