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The ultra-thin Nipple Covers that give you the freedom to go to any event you want; and wear what you want. The covers are sweat-resistant, waterproof, reusable and have a comfortable skin-to-skin feeling with a seamless finish.

Choose from 2 different sizes to fit your unique body. The covers can be reused up to 15-20 times with proper care. See video and explanation under the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE button on our page.

We recommend choosing the color that is closest to your own skin tone.
7 & 8 cm works great for clothes with a slit and / or smaller breasts. We recommend 10 cm for larger breasts. It also works for smaller breasts and gives a rounder shape. We would recommend this size under clothing that has little or no gap. Such as turtlenecks or tops / dresses that cover the entire chest area.
If you are unsure, we recommend buying 2 sizes to try and compare. All sizes are useful in different outfits.

Please note: Everyone has different skin and some may be sensitive to even medical glue. If you develop skin irritations, stop using the product immediately. Do not use if you are sensitive to glue, have open cuts or other medical skin diseases that advise you not to use such skin products.

The colors of the Nipple Covers may vary slightly from the pictures when you actually receive them.

We are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of our products.

There is no return on intimate products.


Norway: 2-3 days delivery with BRING
EU: estimation 1 day delivery With DHL
International: 2-3 days delivery with DHL


We offer concierge services to your hotel room at Sommerro or to your private/business address within Oslo. Please call 98 49 16 44 to book.

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