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Resurfacing skincare

body resurfacing micro-peel & milk

400 ml


A completely new way to both peel and add moisture in one and the same product. It is not only on the face the skin needs exfoliation to avoid signs of aging. The skin on the body will also become flabby with age spots as we get older, in addition, the skin on the body quickly dries as a result of lack of moisture. This product contains Gluconlactone which gives a superficial exfoliation, Tranexminic acid which gives a radiant and even skin tone, and sodium lactate which gives moisture. You feel the difference already after a few days of use. The skin becomes soft, supple and rich in moisture.

Traxanemic acid

In the medical field, tranexamic acid is a reliable hemostatic agent during surgery and in case of accidental injuries. In medical cosmetics, tranexamic acid is used for skin treatments: even small amounts can whiten pigmented spots and reduce redness - even in combination with instrument-based techniques.

In dermatology, the effect of tranexamic acid has been known for a long time, namely in connection with pigment disorders. The first report on the treatment of melasmas with tranexamic acid dates back to 1979, the intensity of a melasma was significantly reduced within a period of two to three weeks.

Melasmas or hyperpigmentations are formed in many ways. They are triggered by various endogenous and exogenous influences such as:

UV radiation from sunlight

photosensitization, or in other words, the reduced sensitivity limit of the skin to light caused by, for example, essential oils

hormonal influences, such as during pregnancy

inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and cytokines (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products), or in other words, products formed in the body due to the reaction of proteins or lipids with carbohydrates; they are held responsible for a number of health implications

Other occurrences of endogenous metabolic products

Tranexamic acid is effective after oral administration and after topical application. A number of biochemical mechanisms have been discussed, including tyrosinase inhibition and the previous processes such as the reduction of free arachidonic acid and prostaglandin E2.

In addition to the bleaching effect, tranexamic acid also reduces the transparent reddish color of superficial blood vessels. The result is an even skin tone.



Moisturizing cream with pha acids


Restores the skin's pH value

Restores high moisture in the skin

Reduces pigmentation and gives a smooth skin tone

Gives a smooth and soft skin texture

Prevents aging of the skin




Tranexamic acid

Sodium lactate




The product is easy to use: shake the bottle to mix the contents and spray on the whole body after showering. Massage in lightly until it has drawn in.


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