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Citrus, lime, licorice & peppermint

Top: Licorice & Salt

Heart: Turkish Citrus, Lime & Peppermint

Nostalgia is an ache in your heart far more potent than memory alone.
It’s the place we yearn to go again.
A place where we know we’re loved and safe.
Back home.

This theme is central to Blue Forever:

A love letter to the Mediterranean Ocean, centered around the romantic innocence of washed out memories, viewed through a lens of time past and melancholia.

It’s about innocence, and innocence lost.
It’s about longing home, and longing away.
It’s about the blue ocean, and blue memories.

– Blue Forever is centered around one of my most revered childhood memories. I was in my dad's wooden boat on the teal Mediterranean sea under a pale sun, surrounded by family and my best friend. I wanted to capture the feeling of being young and careless – I’m in the wind, I’m in the water. And I’m free, says Kristoffer Vural, founder of Selahatin.


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    1100 ppm fluoride

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    Housed in alu tubes (recycles endlessly)

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    Made in Switzerland

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    Contains antioxidants

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    Vetted by The Swedish Dental Association

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    Vegan/Cruelty free

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    Dermatologically tested

    A four-dimensional rejuvenating whitening process gentle enough for daily use

    1. Deep cleansing (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
    2. Exfoliating (Hydrated Silica)
    3. Polishing and light-reflecting (Hydroxypatite)
    4. Enamel-bleaching (Sodium Bicarbonate)
    • Anti-inflammatory Limonene from Citrus fruit and antioxidant Edelweiss extract boosts bacterial balance and maintains healthy gums
    • The natural amino acid Betaine moisturises and nourishes
    • Mineralising Hydroxypatite provides proactive care for sensitive teeth





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